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Airline Tickets

Airline tickets sold by faremax.com are special airline tickets, also known as consolidated or private airline tickets.  Consolidated airline tickets are generally the best discounted airline tickets available.  Airline tickets we offer are usually cheaper than the lowest available published airline tickets.  Cheap airline tickets we sell are offered to the general public by consolidator companies.  Consolidators negotiate rates with all major carriers and  then resell these bargain airfares to travel agencies with big discounts.  Consolidated airfares should not be confused with standby or charter fares.  While some agents who deal in consolidated airfares also deal in charters, there are important differences. Consolidated airfares are bookings on regularly scheduled flights of major air carriers, which are generally much more dependable than charter operators.

Consolidator fares are a great deal for most travelers, most of the time.  Airfares we sell, allow the same choice of flight, schedule and seating preference as with other normal and higher airfares. Differences between normal and negotiated airfares come in the form of change penalties and refund policy.  Just like regular airfares, consolidator fares can sell out quickly and may not be available all of the time. 

Consider purchasing of a Travel Insurance.  Relatively small investment can protect you from unexpected losses and give you peace of mind while on the trip.  Check out current travel and non-travel news constantly updated throughout the day.

We are pleased to introduce our online collection of travel articles. Created by a team of talented travel writers, writers who actually visited all of the places they are going to write about. Places like Europe and America, Africa and Australia, Asia and even Antarctica.  We currently offer travel guide, cruise guide and vacation guide.

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