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faremax.com is a leading vendor of discounted leisure travel products, offering consumers affordable one-stop shopping for all of their travel needs.  The company offers consumers one of the largest collections of discounted airfares (more than one million unpublished fares offered on more than 600 major airlines), car rentals and hotel accommodations in the industry.  By only partnering with trusted travel brands, faremax allows budget travelers to buy higher quality travel for a lower price. Faremax matches the needs of two groups: customers who can be flexible about their choice of airline, hotel and car rental company in order to save money, and suppliers who have excess seats, rooms and cars they want to fill.

With faremax, customers never bid or guess at a price. Instead, faremax negotiates specially discounted deals with its airline partners so the deals passed directly to the consumer. Through faremax, consumers can save up to 60% every day on airline tickets.

We Care:
The customer relationship doesn't end when you hit the "purchase" button. Superior customer care is faremax's highest priority - from the products offered, to the Traveler Care provided before, during and after the trip. You can reach us anytime with minimal efforts, no matter where on Earth you are. Your every need will be answered in shortest possible period of time. Guaranteed

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