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Below is the list of ten simple tips that can greatly reduce the time spent on searching for cheap airfare on our website. Some are just general tips, while the others are specific to our website.
  • Search for flights departing Monday through Thursday.  This will give you two biggest advantages: a)much better seat availability, b)you will save on average $25 per person per leg by not paying the weekend surcharge
  • Avoid flying on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  More people travel on weekends and airfare can cost you from 10% to 100% more than during weekdays
  • Minimum stay Saturday required.  Many of you have seen this on our website.  But what it really means?  It's pretty simple.  All of consolidated airfares we sell have this requirement of a traveler to spend an overnight Saturday during his or her trip.  If you depart on a Tuesday, in order to qualify for a cheaper rate you must return at least on a Sunday.  If you need to depart on Sunday and return next Saturday, or earlier, you will not be able to qualify for the cheaper fare
  • Book your travel at least 21 days in advance.  The earlier you book your tickets the better the chances to find more available seats at cheaper rates. We recommend our customers to book airfare 2 months in advance for off-season travel and 3 to 5 months in advance for Summer and Holiday travel
  • Maximum allowed stay 30 days.  To qualify for the majority of cheap airfares we sell your trip should not exceed 30 days.  If your stay is between 30 and 60 days you will have to pay about 10%-15% more and if it's between 60 and 90 days you will have to pay about 30%-40% more than if you stayed less than 30 days
  • Travel off-season.  Prices are highest during Summer and Holidays.  You can save as much as 60% on airline tickets if you travel during low season like Winter, Spring or Fall
  • Look for connecting flights.  Non-stop flights can cost as much as 100% more than connecting flights.  Search for the connecting flights preferably on one airline.  If you have multiple carriers, both base fare and taxes may be much higher
  • Be sure of your travel plans in advance.  Many of the bargain airfares we sell have penalties for cancellations or changing the travel dates.  The cancellation penalty (if allowed) is $250 and the change penalty (if allowed) is $225 per person and can be a real burden.  Anything can happen however, so we highly recommend purchasing of a Travel Insurance. Relatively low investment in a Travel Insurance can protect your big travel expenses and give you a peace of mind while on the road

We are working hard to make you experience on faremax.com as satisfying as possible.  We hope you find this information interesting and it helps you find cheap airline tickets in a minimal amount of time

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