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Faremax.com Announces Release of a New Private Fares Booking Engine.

Marlboro, NJ (PRWEB) August 30, 2010 -- Faremax, Inc. An online retailer of discount airline tickets, vacations and cruises, announced this week a number of new services being offered to their online clients. Known for their easy to use and high quality service, Faremax.com has completed their restructuring and is pleased to bring an updated experience to their clients.

The first of many great services, Faremax.com is happy to launch a new airline ticket booking engine that is fast and easy to navigate. The engine, found at http://www.faremax.com/airline_tickets.aspx, allows web users to enter their trip itinerary and then choose from dozens of airlines offering lower rates and better seating.

“It was important to us to continue to offer first rate services to our clients when they are looking for a trip,” Ilya Epshteyn, Faremax CEO commented, “After some lengthy restructuring of the company, we are able to offer our clients the ease they are looking for as well as some new features.”

Of these features is an increase in private airfares offering trips to Europe and other International destinations. Faremax.com has signed additional 25 contracts with airlines and now offers its customers access to private fares of 75 airlines.

Faremax.com is confident that the increase in services and the new airline ticket booking engine will continue to offer high quality for their clients as well as bring them into a new area of online savings.

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