Travel Firm Launches Free E-Book Guide To Western Europe

MARLBORO, N.J., June 13, 2006 /PRWeb/ -- Faremax, Inc., online retailer of discount airline tickets, vacations and cruises, this week releases the first of its free e-book travel guides. The company’s website is well known in the online travel community as a great source of travel information, offering visitors travel articles, blog, forums and image resources.

The new e-book – an introduction and guide to Western Europe – has been written by Faremax’s regular team of experienced travel writers to offer travelers new to the European experience a starting point for planning their journeys, and also a little background and context on this most fascinating part of the world. The guide covers Greece, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Low Countries, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal, and is a mine of tips and advice on making the most of your European travels.

“The information we offer on our site is so enormously popular we thought it would be a good idea to give our readers something they could take away with them" - says Ilya Epshteyn, Faremax President and CEO. "I know the writing team spent a lot of time and effort making this as readable, accessible, informative and interesting as possible. I told them not to be afraid of expressing opinions, and I’m pleased to say they have. There’s nothing worse than bland travel information.”

Mr. Epshteyn is hoping to release a series of Faremax-brand guides, aiming to provide the definitive travel resource for the web-savvy vacationer. “Depending on how this one goes, we will release another one shortly – we’ll see what the feedback to this one is – I know Faremax’s customers love to read our material, so I’m expecting a big demand.”

The e-book can be downloaded, free of charge, from is a leading vendor of discounted leisure travel products, offering consumers affordable one-stop shopping for all of their travel needs. The company offers consumers one of the largest collections of discounted airfares (ten million unpublished fares offered on more than 600 major airlines), car rentals and hotel accommodations in the industry.

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