Travel Guide: Introduction

Deciding where to go on vacation can be as tough as tracking down good-value tickets to get you there. From now on will try to help you make both tasks easy!

We are pleased to introduce our online collection of travel articles. Created by a team of talented travel writers, writers who actually visited all of the places they are going to write about. Places like Europe and America, Africa and Australia, Asia and even Antarctica.

New York City at dusk
These articles aren’t simply going to be long lists of places to stay and museum opening hours – you can find out all that kind of thing elsewhere. Instead, each article is going to be a thumbnail sketch of a place somewhere in the world. We can’t pretend to encapsulate a whole city or region in 800 words, but we can try to give you a sense of the place, and a sense of whether it would be a vacation spot to suit you. And as we are only going to write about places actually visited by our writers, you’re not simply going to get a long list of facts culled from an online encyclopedia. Sure, we’ll give you facts, but what’s more important to us is giving a sense of what a place is really like.

Bruges, Belgium
At first we are going to concentrate on some European destinations. If you’re not such an experienced world traveler, Europe is a great place to start. Although you may come across some language difficulties, countries like France and Italy are culturally not so different from back home. Most people in US, ultimately, have some sort of European origin or connection – so, in a sense, you’re just going back to where you came from!

The other great thing about Europe is that there’s so much to see and do, and it’s all so compact. Two of the great cities you’re going to be reading about – Venice and Vienna – are only a few hours’ apart by rail or coach. And yet they’re such different places, each so beautiful in its own way.

Alexander III Bridge, Paris, France

Getting to Europe is easy, too. I reckon that no major tourist attraction in Western Europe is more than four hours’ journey from an international airport that has flights direct to and from the US. The great cultural centers, such as London and Rome, are served by state-of-the-art transport facilities – in effect, they’re just a few hours’ travel from your front door!

Anchor Wat, Thailand
But we’re going to go further afield, too – and closer to home. In a few weeks you’ll be reading about vacation destinations in New Zealand and South Africa, and also winter wonderlands in Canada and Colorado. For the more adventurous traveler we’re going to be dipping into sub-Saharan Africa, China and India. We are also going to be recommending some travel books to take with you on vacation to make the most of the sights you see and the people you meet. Plus we’ll be passing on some travelers’ tips to help you on your way!

Wherever you choose to go on vacation, have a great time. There’s a whole world out there – and the means are right here!



 Ancient Temple, Egypt

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