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Atlantis – Back From the Depths…

Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Paradise Island doesn’t really count as a separate island in the Bahamas group. It’s really just an offshoot of New Providence, the main island, and can be reached by bridge from the capital, Nassau.

It does, though, have a culture that’s all its own. In recent years Paradise Island has developed a reputation as the place to enjoy yourself in the fun, hedonistic atmosphere of the Bahamas, and, for those who can’t be bothered to travel too far from the ‘mainland’ of New Providence, and number of hotels and resorts have sprung up to meet demand.

Probably the most successful of these is Atlantis. Situated on the south side of Paradise Island, this resort has been beating down the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from major vacation destinations. It does this, at a very basic level, by defying categories. There are a number of accommodation options at Atlantis. You can stay in one of the ‘tower’ hotels, or enjoy a greater degree of self-reliance in self-catering accommodation in the Harborside Resort. If you’re fortunate enough to own a boat, you can even sleep aboard while moored in the marina that the resort complex surrounds.

It’s not only in its variety that Atlantic challenges traditional ideas about resorts. As a destination it’s a little like Disneyland in that it defies easy classification. Although you won’t manage to find dirt cheap accommodation here, there is a range – so you shouldn’t have too many problems putting together a vacation to suit your budget.

One thing you might have problems with, though, is deciding what to do when you get there. Atlantis must be one of the most staggeringly well-equipped vacation resorts in the world. There is a usual run of watersports that you might expect from any high-end Caribbean resort and a couple of great beaches if you just want to chill out and relax. But beyond that, the choice is virtually endless.

Kids are particularly well catered for. Atlantis features the Discovery Channel Camp. Although your kids don’t actually stay there during your vacation, you can send them on programs and activities that vary from a single hour to a whole day in length. Although this is very far from being school, there is quite a strong emphasis on activities that will stimulate your child mentally as well as physically – including lots of opportunities to find out about and experience the local flora and fauna. There is even an astronomical observatory for them to visit at night and learn about the stars and planets.

Bigger kids have a huge variety of choices. Sports fans can play tennis on one of the dozen courts, and there’s an excellent, brand new golf course for golf fans. Designed by Tom Weiskopf, the 18-hole, par-72 course should provide much of interest to even the most seasoned golfer. There are, of course, coaching facilities available for those who have come on vacation with the express intention of improving their game.

In the evening, there are three clubs for avid partiers to enjoy themselves in. The Jokers Wild comedy club provides entertainment for the funny bone while Dragons caters for those whose idea of a great time is to boogie the night away. There’s even a dedicated club for teens – Club Rush, which is equipped with great spaces to chill out and all kinds of facilities for your kids to enjoy themselves, including a non-alcoholic bar. The clubs are within easy distance of the on-site casino, which is on a scale to rival quite a few Vegas establishments.

Dining options at Atlantis are excellent – everything is available from snack lunches to comfort food and gourmet dining. The cookery at Atlantis is recognized as being very special indeed, and those vacationers intent on making the most of the fine dining opportunities on offer are advised to book tables for every night of their stay in order to avoid disappointment. Those who don’t want to bother about paying bills at the end of the meal can also sign up for the cashless dining scheme. Although Atlantis hasn’t gone al the way down the road of all-inclusive package vacations in the way some resorts have, the management still go out of their way to make life as easy for you as possible in this regard.

Atlantis is a great choice of vacation destination for those who want fun and flexibility. Kids are well catered for, and it’s easy to choose a standard of accommodation that fits your budget exactly. It’s also very unlikely that you’ll ever run out of things to see and do, even if you’re here for an extended break. This Atlantis is unlikely to disappear under the waves any time soon – but why take chance? Book your vacation now….

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