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Bermuda, way out to the east of Florida at the most-distant point of the infamous ‘Bermuda Triangle’, lies in the area of the western mid-Atlantic known as the Sargasso Sea. The Sargasso is famously calm and current-free, although it is surrounded by some of the strongest ocean currents in the world. Hundreds of years ago, sailing ships could be becalmed for weeks on end in the Sargasso. Bermuda is just about the only inhabited point in the whole sector of ocean.

A lot of people seem to think that Bermuda is a Caribbean destination. The island isn’t even remotely part of the Caribbean – check on a map and you’ll find it stuck out almost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In world terms it’s about halfway between Spain and California.

So – a remote haven of calm and tranquility in the center of a raging and unpredictable ocean. How does that sound for a vacation destination? And while you’re there, why not make the most of your stay by checking into the Elbow Beach Hotel – one of the finest resort hotels in the western hemisphere?

Elbow Beach Hotel from Air The resort is large, but not so large as to feel impersonal. Only five minutes from the center of Hamilton, the island’s capital, it nevertheless has half a mile of its own private beach and more than fifty acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. Guests have a choice of over 235 luxury rooms. The Elbow Beach Hotel offers a very wide range of activities and pastimes for family members of all ages. In fact, if mom and dad feel like some quiet time by themselves, or maybe a game of golf, there is a very well-run, professionally-staffed kids clubs, offering all kinds Elbow Beach Hotel Room of fun, games, and adventures to keep youngsters happy – the club has everything from DVD players and PlayStations to organized treasure hunts and arts and craft events. Every kid staying in the hotel is entitled to three hours’ time in the kids’ club every day, with extra time being charged at the extremely reasonable rate of $5 per hour.

(It’s worth noting that Bermuda is another of those small countries that exists in a financial netherworld between the US and the UK. Although the island is a British Overseas Territory, it has its own currency – the Bermudian Dollar – which is pegged at a rate of exactly 1:1 with the US Dollar. This is to facilitate the island’s role as a major financial center as well as the local tourist trade.)

Elbow Beach Hotel Pool While the kids are having fun, parents can enjoy themselves on the beach, by the pool, on the golf course, or shopping in downtown Hamilton. Bermuda, like many other Atlantic and Caribbean islands, is a duty-free haven, where goods that might be very expensive back home can be acquired at knock-down prices. Just make sure that you’re not over your duty-free limit when you head back to the States!

If you want to delve into Bermuda’s rich history, you can take a trip out to the Royal Naval Dockyard, or the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Equally, a journey into historic St George’s Town can be a treat. St George’s town – with it’s old world atmosphere and quaint cobbled streets – has been designated a World Heritage Site. The town is the oldest European settlement on Bermuda. It was founded in 1609 by a group of English colonists sailing from southern England to Jamestown, Virginia – which was back then one of the major centers of the American colonies. One of the colonists’ ships was wrecked on Bermuda, and the people who struggled ashore were the first settlers. The commander of the flotilla, Admiral Sir George Somers, named the original settlement after England’s patron saint – St. George. To this day St George’s Town is twinned with Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, which was Somers’ home town. This story seems to have been adapted – very, very heavily – by William Shakespeare to form the basis of his play, The Tempest.

Elbow Beach Hotel Main Entrance A couple of hours strolling around St George’s Town – which is easily reached from the Elbow Beach Hotel by taxi – should have you in the mood for something to eat. Well, you’re in luck: the Elbow Beach boasts no fewer than seven restaurants and bars on-site you can dine in luxury in the Lido Restaurant or the Seahorse Grill, then dance the night away at Deep, the hotel’s award-winning nightclub.

As for the Bermuda Triangle: don’t let it put you off. The stories are hype, and the region (between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico) has no more unexplained disappearances than any other comparable area of ocean. The only hazard it presents is that the Barry Manilow song of the same name gets played over restaurant stereo systems rather a lot…

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