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British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are part of the West Indies group – the long line of islands that starts a little to the east of Puerto Rico and stretches down in a long arc to Trinidad, just off the coast of Venezuela. The islands – some of them substantial, some of them tiny – mark the dividing line between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The British Virgin Islands are not at all large – the entire group has a total area slightly smaller than that of Washington D.C. Yet the BVI (as they’re collectively known) are enormously popular as a vacation destination. For US vacationers, they are convenient, too: although the BVI are a British Overseas Territory, because of the islands’ close interdependence with the neighboring US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico the official currency is the US dollar.

Long Bay Beach Resort and Villas There are plenty of vacation options for those seeking a little relaxation in the tropical paradise of the BVI. Typical of the kind of small, friendly resorts you’ll find on the BVI is the Long Bay Beach Resort and Villas. It’s on Tortola, the main island of the group, and just a short six mile ride from Road Town, the BVI capital.

The Long Bay Beach Resort is leading the way in an increasingly popular kind of vacation package: the all-inclusive, one-fee break. The people who run Long Bay, and many other like-minded resort owners and managers, are aware that vacationers are tired of paying a fee for their vacation and then, on arrival, having to keep dipping into their pockets to pay for extra services which weren’t included in the booking price. The idea behind the Long Bay Beach Resort’s all-inclusive policy is that once guests have paid for their vacation, the amount of ‘extra’ money they have to spend should be kept to an absolute minimum. It should be a truly ‘virginal vacation’ – unspoilt by the need to pay over and above what was expected.

Long Bay Beach So how does this work in practice? Well, the Long Bay Beach Resort describes what if offers as ‘a worry-free vacation experience’. In general, meals and drinks are included in the main pricing structure, as are many of the activities and services available. One or two activities – such as scuba diving – carry an extra fee, but in general the Resort delivers on its central promise.

Long Bay Beach Villa All of which makes it a great vacation destination for those who like to know exactly what they’re getting for their hard-earned dollars. The answer to this question at Long Bay is simple: a lot. The estate sits in 52 acres of secluded grounds, and contains within its perimeter everything you could possibly want for the ultimate relaxing vacation. The resort has its own mile of beautiful private beach, which is available – along with hammocks and everything else you might want – exclusively to Long Bay guests. For those who wish simply to laze in the shade of a palm tree, reading or drifting off to sleep, there are few better vacation resorts anywhere.

Long Bay Beach Pool For those of a more active bent, the Long Bay offers a number of sporting and adventurous options. Scuba diving has been mentioned: there are also extensive tennis facilities, including a pro shop and coaching service for those wishing to improve their skills. If your idea of a good time is salt water sport, boogie boards and snorkeling gear are available for rental. Golfers won’t find a course on site, but facilities are available within easy reach of the resort.

If your idea of adventurous activity is rushing around a shopping mall with your credit card, you won’t be disappointed at Long Bay. The Elegant Pelican store offers a wide range of gifts, souvenirs, clothing and luxury items. You can pick up a DVD to rent, or stock up on reading material. The resort even offers its guests the chance to purchase exclusive Colombian emeralds for an everlasting souvenir of their visit to paradise.

Long Bay Beach Room As a guest, you have a choice of accommodation: you can elect to stay in one of the Resort hotel’s elegant sea view rooms, or book a villa for your friends or family. There are several restaurants on the site. Villa residents have the facilities to prepare their own meals. Groceries are available from the Pelicatessen store on site – you can visit it, or arrange for your shopping to be delivered direct to your villa.

If you like to be pampered, the Long Bay Resort and Villas is certainly the vacation destination for you. Combining elegance and relaxation with excellent customer service and a clearly-defined pricing structure, it deserves its place at the cutting edge of the vacation industry’s fresh attempts to woo vacationers who are increasingly informed about exactly what their money is paying for.

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