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To the Bitter End

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

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Most people love Caribbean resort vacations, but not everyone loves simply lounging around and occasionally getting involved in some organized activities. Some people crave action and adventure – albeit in luxurious surroundings with great food and drink and a luxurious room or suite to return to in the evening!

The Bitter End Yacht Club, despite its unlikely name, is the place where you’ll find happiness and relaxation if you’re this kind of vacationer. Located on the north eastern tip of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, The Bitter End Yacht Club is a vacation destination for folks who want to get the salt spray in their hair.

The resort is both a vacation destination and a fully functioning yacht club and marina. Set in its own cove below low wooded hills, it enjoys the best of the Caribbean climate and a regular stiff breeze for those who love to sail. And if you love to sail – or if you’d love to learn to sail – this is the place for you. It acts as both a stop-off for cruisers sailing their own boats around the BVI and a resort for those who want to do a little more sailing but don’t necessarily own their own boat.

The accommodation comes in a number of different types. If you really want to enjoy the sensation of being a salty sea dog you can stay aboard one of the Freedom 30 yachts moored in the marina. These sleep six people, and really give you a taste of life aboard. They’re not, however, the most roomy option open to you, and a lack of space is the price you pay for true authenticity – although, of course, if you’re an experienced sailor you get the added benefit of being able to take your ‘room’ cruising around the BVI!

If you want to spread out a little more you can stay ashore. The Bitter End Yacht Club does not have a hotel building as such, and all land-based accommodation is in villas and houses. The beachfront villas are – as the name suggests – right on the beach, and feature very comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangements in a compact area that doesn’t feel at all small. It’s the little things that make The Bitter End Yacht Club such a great place to stay – all rooms have coffee makers and ceiling fans, and the staff go out of their way to make sure that any small needs or requests you may have can be catered for.

Moving up a little, you can book a North Sound Suite or an Estate House. Both of these options are a little further up the hillside, away from the beach. The payoff is that you get to enjoy great views and spacious accommodation. Estate Houses feature two double bedrooms with bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining area, so they’re great for two couples or a family of up to six people. The Bitter End Yacht Club is very happy to welcome kids, though it generally discourages families from bringing members under the age of five years.

You’ll never find yourself short of things to do at The Bitter End Yacht Club. The resort owns a fleet of over a hundred boats, and the renowned Sailing School will help you build your skippering skills whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The resort even offers a ‘learn to sail’ package break. Aside from sailing, there’s a host of other watery activities to keep you happy, including Scuba diving and snorkeling. If you want to stay ashore, you can laze by the pool, use the resort’s excellent exercise amenities or even take a long or a short hike on the many trails which criss-cross this end of Virgin Gorda. Gorda Peak, the highest point on the island, is not far from the resort.

Dining at The Bitter End Yacht Club is also a great pleasure. Aside from requesting that you don’t turn up to dinner in a swimsuit or wrap, there are no restrictions on dress – the management only insist that you are relaxed and comfortable. A relaxed attitude is taken to the cooking too – the food you’ll find on offer at the English Carvery and the Clubhouse Grill is of a very high quality, and basically designed to fill the hungry stomachs of vacationers who have had a busy day on the waves. You won’t find haut cuisine here – just good, tasty food, beautifully prepared and served in portions designed to keep you going through an energetic week!

The Bitter End Yacht Club is a great vacation destination for those who want to do something on their vacation – either keep up their sailing skills, rediscover a lost love of the sea, or learn the basics of keeping a yacht afloat. This really is a resort on the ocean wave.

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