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Point Village

Negril, Jamaica

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There’s a growing demand for reasonably-priced accommodation in the Caribbean. The days when budget and mid-range vacationers were content to be packed into tower block hotels like sardines have gone – the growth of competition in the Caribbean vacation sector has guaranteed a rise in standards that seems to have increased every year since the early nineties.

Point Village, in Negril, Jamaica, is a great example of this new kind of self-catering “budget luxury” vacation resort. It certainly couldn’t be better located: situated on the western tip of the island, Point Village marks the dividing line between Negril Beach and Bloody Bay Beach – two of the most famous and popular spots in the whole of Jamaica. It’s also very convenient for the town of Negril – so although you don’t get to enjoy the extreme seclusion of some Caribbean resorts, you’ll know you’re never far from civilization – and there are always plenty of alternatives to keep the kids happy.

That said, keeping the kids happy should be no problem at all at Point Village – the resort offers a comprehensive program of events and activities for families. There’s a fully equipped kids’ center for younger children, and the teens are kept happy with a range of graduated activities designed to help them enjoy their break. Many of the activities offer both mental and physical stimulation, so you can be sure your children are making the most of their vacation – while giving you a little peace to enjoy yours!

Accommodation at Point Village is all in self-contained studios and houses. The most basic option is a studio garden room - ideal for vacationers on a budget, these rooms offer great value as well as a pleasant atmosphere. If you’re interested in purchasing a little more bang for your buck, you could opt for a superior studio on a higher floor, maybe with an ocean view. If you want to splash out a little – or you have a family that needs some space – you could opt for one of the resort’s excellent townhouses. These duplex units come with two or three bedrooms and extra baths and showers.

There’s plenty to do at Point Village, whether you’re vacationing as a family or just as a couple. One of the best deals the resort offers is an all-inclusive watersports package. Although there are some restrictions on the length of time you can spend doing any one activity – for example, you can only hire a kayak for forty minutes at a time – but these rarely make a difference to vacationers’ enjoyment. The fact that restrictions have to be imposed at all is testament to the popularity of the watersports package. Another popular part of the package – for those who are maybe less interested in working up a sweat – is the opportunity to have a ride in a glass bottom boat. These trips, which run daily, offer vacationers the opportunity to find out more about local marine life without getting wet. They are very popular, so make sure you book your place in advance!

On the other hand, if getting really wet is your idea of a good time, you can learn Scuba skills at Point Village, or, if you’re already an experienced or intermediate diver, take advantage of the resort’s facilities. The price of taking part in a dive course with the resort’s PADI certified instructors is not included in the general watersports package – but it’s still very reasonable by the standards of many Caribbean dive schools.

Dining options at Point Village are surprisingly diverse given the resort’s relative budget status. As is the case with most resorts, the main restaurant – the Village Connection – is based around a buffet, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also two waterside cafés serving classic pizza and pasta dishes, so you can enjoy some familiar and comforting food while enjoying a great view. The resort’s upscale restaurant, Incognito at the Point, is only open Tuesdays for dinner. It serves great cuisine, however, so the wait for Tuesday evening to come around is well worth it!

One of the strengths of Point Village is that for a budget resort it offers a great deal of flexibility. As well as being a popular venue for weddings, it’s also a great place to visit as a couple. If you’re traveling with your family, then it’s one of the most kid-friendly resorts in its price-range in the Caribbean. It’s also well-situated in Negril. Although this is some distance from the really flashy areas of Jamaica – and miles from Kingston – there’s still a lot to see and do, and hiring a car is easy, which is a real advantage for families. So if you’re looking for a great vacation resort that’s going to offer superb value, you don’t need to look much further than Point Village!

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