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Luna Landscape

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

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Caribbean and Central American vacations shouldn’t always be about lounging around on a beach. Although it’s true that enjoying the sun and sand are the principle pleasures to be had in this part of the world it’s sometimes difficult for the more thoughtful vacationer to ignore the other delights on offer – principally the stunning natural beauty of so much of the region. In recent years a number of vacation companies and resorts have sprung up catering exclusively for people and families who wish to spend their break exploring the natural beauty of Central America.

This nature is arguably at its grandest in the rainforests of Costa Rica, and its here that you’ll find Luna Lodge. The Lodge, situated on the Osa Peninsula on the south-western tip of the country, jutting into the Pacific Ocean, is set among the forest itself on vertiginous slopes that afford views of both the sea and the mountainous interior of the country.

All accommodation is in individual bungalows built to traditional designs. Constructed with steeply pitched, almost conical roofs for maximum airiness, the bungalows maintain a great temperature day and night. Because Luna Lodge is set up a river valley at some distance away from and above the sea air conditioning is not necessary, as the climate is mild and temperate. The breezes that waft through the site are also great for keeping the bugs away – so you can come back from your vacation bite-free!

Each bungalow also has its own veranda with seating and great views of the hills and the ocean. So first thing in the morning or last thing at night – or at any time in between, really – you can laze around in a hammock or rocking chair simply soaking up the ambience of this uniquely special place.

But if you’ve booked a vacation at Luna Lodge, the chances are that simply lazing around isn’t what you have in mind. If you’re interested in biology, zoology or the environment in general, you’re in for a treat: the tours organized by the Lodge management allow you guided access to one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. The forests and beaches of the peninsula are a delight – and taking a tour of them with a knowledgeable guide can be a life-changing experience. And the Luna Lodge eco-tours aren’t just limited to dry land – if you’re feeling fit and active you can take to the waves in sea kayaks and learn all about, and maybe sea, whales, dolphins and other sea creatures.

If you’d rather get more closely involved with local marine life – by, say, eating it for your supper rather than just watching it – the Lodge also organizes both beach and deep-water fishing trips, where you can hope to catch a wide range of Caribbean fish, including the famous and tasty red snapper. The kitchen staff back at the Lodge will be more than happy to cook your catch for you!

Everyone knows that one of the primary reasons for going on vacation is to relax and heal body and mind after weeks and months of stressful work. Luna Lodge doesn’t take any chances with this side of its operation, and runs its very own Wellness Center for vacationers seeking deeper healing that that which is provided simply by chilling out in a great location. The center offers a full range of spa facilities as well as many complementary treatments from trained therapists. These range from the relatively well-known like Reiki and Yoga through to examples of the rather more esoteric end of the complementary therapy arts – including such interesting things as Breema (a central Asian technique involving submitting different parts of the body to rhythmic massage) and holistic balance sessions.

For those more interested in balancing specific rather than holistic aspects of their lives – appetite, say – the Lodge offers a great range of food and drink. Everything is prepared in the large central rancho complex. The Lodge’s very own restaurant, El Eclipse Total, serves a stunning variety of international and local dishes. In line with the Lodge’s policy of eco-friendliness, all ingredients are freshly prepared and sourced from local, organic suppliers - so you know what you’re eating hasn’t traveled as far as you have, or further, to reach your plate! In addition, there’s a great bar serving a range of wines and beers from local and international providers.

Luna Lodge is a vacation destination that doesn’t just offer you a great break – it’s specifically designed to be a life-changing and life-enhancing experience. After a vacation at Luna Lodge, it’s unlikely you’ll ever think about the world around you in quite the same way again.

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