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Where Heaven and Aloha Meet

Maui, Hawaii

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The Westin Maui hotel and resort combines, in many sense, the best of both worlds. While you’re inside the perimeter there’s a feeling of wonderful remoteness and detachment. Sept outside the main gate, and you’re just a short distance from some of the islands best known attractions.

The Westin Maui is situated on the North West corner of Maui, probably the most popular of the Hawaiian Islands for vacationers. It is unapologetically luxurious, and its location – right on the beach with views over to Molokai and Lanai – reflects the broad horizons and grand ambitions of the people who founded a resort here.

The accommodation in itself is something very special at the Westin Maui. As at most vacation destinations, you have a choice between a room and a suite. The rooms enjoy grand vistas over the resort golf course and the mountains beyond, while guests staying in one of the many suites can enjoy uninterrupted sea views from their balconies. All rooms and suites enjoy the very highest levels of facilities, including high-speed internet access. The Westin Maui also prides itself on its environmental practices: in common with many resorts at both ends of the market, the Westin understands that the future of tourism is based on a stable, clean environment – guests, therefore, are invited to take part in a number of conservation measure while they stay at the hotel. Not only do you have a great time at the Westin, you get to leave with a clean conscience, too!

Like many high end resorts, the Westin Maui offers a variety of packages that allow vacationers to get the maximum value for their hard-earned dollars while at the same time not have to worry about fiddling around with cash during their stay – so honeymooners, golfers and folks wishing to make regular use of the resort’s spa can get the best possible value out of their vacation.

Talking on the spa, it’s one of the resorts start attractions. Once again, conservation is a paramount concern: for every spa treatment that takes place the resort donates a dollar to charities supporting Maui’s natural forested watersheds, keeping these areas of vital ecological concern alive and thriving for future generations. The spa features sixteen treatment rooms, three hydrotherapy rooms and three facial rooms – so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to wait very long before getting some well-earned pampering! The spa area also features spacious locker rooms and relaxation areas, and there’s easy access to the resort’s gym if you feel the need to work up a sweat before going for your treatment.

Other activities on offer at the Westin Maui are many and various. The resort itself says it offers ‘an astonishing array of diversions’ – and it’s hard to disagree. If you like the water, you’ve come to the right place. The resort is built in an arc around a complex of pools that covers an area of 87,000 square feet, and features Jacuzzis, plunge pools and adult-only areas. If you want to go a little further away to get your feet wet, you can participate in diving activities in the open ocean or even go on a catamaran ride. If you feel like a break from the kids – or, heaven forbid, they feel like a break from you – you can take them along to the Keiki Kamp, where all sorts of fun and stimulating pastimes are available to entertain them while you relax.

The Westin Maui is also the venue for a very wide range of special events and entertainments: check out the resort’s online calendar for more details.

If you enjoy fine food and drink, there’s barely a better resort in all Hawaii. As well as a comprehensive in-room dining service, the Westin Maui offers a choice of no fewer than four restaurants and cafés. If you really want to splash out, you can opt for the Ka’anapali Sunset Dinner, where you meal will be personally served to you in the intimate setting of an oceanfront cabaña as the sun goes down. There’s a pretty hefty price to pay for this exclusiveness, but it’s certainly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Back at the resort, Tropica servers breakfast, lunch and dinner in cool and stylish surroundings – while, if you feel like a snack in the middle of the day between sessions in the pool, you can drop in at Sea Dogs to refresh yourself.

The Westin Maui is exclusive, but in a sociable and relaxed way. Although you’ll certainly have to pay more here than at other resorts in Hawaii, you’ll find the sheer quality of the service and amenities on offer is truly breathtaking. If you’re thinking of going on vacation to the Pacific state, consider saying ‘Aloha’ to the Westin Maui.

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